Flood Control Systems to Solve your Flooding Problems!

EKO Flood USA offers comprehensive flood control systems to help protect communities, businesses and cities from major flood disasters. Flooding can cause enormous damage to homes, businesses and even entire cities. EKO Flood USA offers a complete flood protection solution designed specifically for your community from extensive research to planning and analysis. Our flood protection solution may include our removable flood walls, levees, and low barrier retaining walls. Contact us today and protect yourself and your community from the risk of flood damage.

Heinz Munz - CEO
DUNS # 829794234 • CAGE/CCR # 5DV06

EKO—offers the fastest
setup time !

Flood Control Wall
A 30 worker team can put up:
-1.7 sq ft per second
-100 sq ft in 2.8 minutes
-2,125 sq ft in an hour

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