Current Projects

Each project where EKO has been selected as the Flood wall provider presents issues unique to that particular site:

  • Soil conditions were such at the Nashville Grand Old Opry complex that the foundations had to be beefed up to meet the slip/slide requirements of FM Global for insurance rating advantages.
  • At 55 Water Street in Lower Manhattan wave action loadings on the S E corner required special post designs, anchoring systems and posspacing to handle the potential forces .
  • Property line and easement issues at the HP building required that the huge window closures be designed within the window openings and supported by the building structure.
  • At the 32 Old Slip-Financial Services Center, polished stainless steel side channel imbed covers offered architectural and appearance benefits but more importantly public access and safety.
  • Next door at FDNY Engine Company 4 Ladder Company 5 , EKO Walls protect the main entrance as well as each engine door opening.

Each day this list grows, please contact us for more info on these projects or new ones.

EKO—offers the fastest
setup time !

A 30 worker team can put up:
-1.7 sq ft per second
-100 sq ft in 2.8 minutes
-2,125 sq ft in an hour

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