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EKO Flood USA / Engineering Team traveled in June 2012 to Ayutthaya City in Thailand to meet with local engineers and discuss possible flood control designs to protect the City's cultural treaures.

EKO Flood USA was founded in 2009 to represent EKO in the United States, Canada, Asia, Australia and New Zealand markets, to work with potential customers coordinating the project from initial inquiry through the process of water flow, soil engineering tests, foundation analysis and design, economic analysis, component design and fabrication as well as working with all the various agencies having oversigt; Corps of Engineers, FEMA/DHS, EPA, State and local environmental/state/local/flood protection and control organizations with oversight on flood-zone management and public safety issues.

EKO and BWSC’s Water Services engineers are partnering with our European engineers and scientists. We work as a team with our clients to identify funding and formulate regional responses to infrastructure needs.

We are overseeing the planning, designing and the construction of flood protection projects. Growth stretches the limits of infrastructure. Small communities to large metropolitan areas deal with common issues associated with controlling storm water and coastal flooding.

Our team provides these services for the public sector, private developments, industrial clients and government agencies.

Note: We recognize you may have retained consulting, engineering, and construction advisors. We are ready to partner with your design and engineering team.

EKO—offers the fastest
setup time !

A 30 worker team can put up:
-1.7 sq ft per second
-100 sq ft in 2.8 minutes
-2,125 sq ft in an hour

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