EKO Flood Wall Schematic Design

Step 1 --- Our Schematic Design approach starts with your inquiry. If it appears our concepts can meet your needs, we schedule a preliminary site visit. This visit includes meetings and presentations to your team, walking the site, gathering photos/videos, measurements and whatever data you have that we can access: soil tests, GIS/elevation data, groundwater, flood crests, utility drawings, etc.

Step 2 --- We take all that information and carefully analyze it, have our Engineering team review it, and create a preliminary design concept with a rough estimate for your planning process. The more data we can obtain, the more accurate the estimates.

Step 3 — The Schematic Design is the third step in which all of the details are identified, the approval process and authorities are outlined. This step does not include final working blueprints/engineering drawings but is the “package” that can be presented to the appropriate agencies to get their initial approvals and comments suggestions that can then be worked into a final plan.

Step 4 — Final blueprints, working drawings and exact estimate s for EKO components, bids local sub-contractors for excavation, sheet piling, concrete work, welding, etc will then be worked into the final Schematic Design Document for your project.

Approach to the Flooding Problem

East Side Protection
20,500 feet
3.88 miles
6.25 km

West Side Protection
4,700 feet
0.9 miles
1.45 km

EKO—offers the fastest
setup time !

A 30 worker team can put up:
-1.7 sq ft per second
-100 sq ft in 2.8 minutes
-2,125 sq ft in an hour

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