Flood Wall Storage and Training


The EKO Flood wall system can be delivered to the site in custom engineered 20 foot shipping containers for easy transport on a flatbed and removal of components by a forklift. All components for a wall section or sections are clearly marked. The containers provide a weather proof secure environment. All parts are numbered and coded for each wall section to make set up and training faster and easier.

These containers can be supplied at an extra cost.

Flood Wall Storage


EKO Flood System Training

Complete training programs are provided by EKO, including on –site first time training of set up crews by EKO personnel, including actual set up, classroom sessions , videos and manuals. If desired a “training module of sill plate , post anchor plates, posts and beams can be provided where a permanent training facility is to be established and annual training sessions are to be held and reports recorded and filed.

EKO Flood System Maintenance

This is a simple routine of inspection and cleaning. The cleaning takes place after a flood event and if needed annually to keep the sill plates clean, the post anchor plates accessible.. Gaskets have a life span of 10—15 years and are easily replaced. Maintenance reporting sample manuals are included.

EKO—offers the fastest
setup time !

A 30 worker team can put up:
-1.7 sq ft per second
-100 sq ft in 2.8 minutes
-2,125 sq ft in an hour

System Storage

  • All parts delivered in storage containers
  • Containers marked for wall position
  • Easily transported to and from the site
  • Secure

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The Prague system included portable generators.

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